Tonya has always appreciated beautiful spaces. Inspired at a young age by the way her grandmother's home always felt so peaceful and full of happiness, she felt pulled toward a world of creativity. Unsure of what her career would look like, she decided to attend the University of Utah where she received a Bachelor's degree in Marketing. After starting a family at a young age, she began to explore her design skills on her starter home and soon knew she needed to pursue her dream of designing interiors. She began her own professional journey with a company online and started off by doing small furnishing jobs that grew into larger-scale residential and commercial projects. Tonya and Marianne met in 2016 and immediately hit it off. They began working together soon after. Tonya says, “it has been an amazing experience getting to do what I love every day and learning and growing constantly.” Together, Marianne and Tonya have worked on some incredible projects.

Tonya finds that the key to being a good designer is being able to really envision the project as a whole, to see the smallest of details and how they will fit together in a way that reflects the owner. Tonya loves finding the beauty in everyday life; from the buildings that surround her to the colors of flowers. Her life is full of joy.

Tonya is inspired by her own team of designers along with Marie Flanigan, Kaemingk Design and the architectural influence of Ryan Street and Associates

Tonya’s projects include Sunrise Drive, Thornell Dentistry, Country Club, Glen Haven

Tonya W Design Collective