Owner and Principal Designer

When Marianne remodeled her home back in 2010, she found her passion. “This career found me,” she says. She loved everything about it, from planning spaces to sourcing the right materials and furnishing the home, Marianne enjoyed every aspect of the process. Soon, others recognized her talent and started to request her help with their own homes. It didn’t take long before she realized she loved the challenge of understanding what her clients really want and achieving that in the best way possible. Marianne believes that everyone she works with feels like their home reflects themselves, not a brand or just the designer’s point of view. She says “it’s all about the balance, and I think we do that really well.”  

Marianne has honed her skills as a designer and surrounded herself with talented and inspiring people. She cherishes the influences of designers who seamlessly blend and balance the old with the new like her Grandma Marriott, who was the first person to inspire her. She says, “I loved going to her home. It had a different feel than any homes I was used to seeing—so classy and layered with history.” In addition to her grandmother, Marianne looks to other designers for inspiration. Darryl Carter’s designs were her first love . The way he balances modern furnishings with antique pieces really speaks to her. In her daily life, Marianne finds inspiration in the people with whom she works and in the family that supports her.

Marianne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and has previously worked for a lobbyist, as an Account Manager at an advertising agency, and then as a stay-at-home mother. Despite her unusual path into interior design, all of these experiences have contributed into making her a well-rounded designer and business-owner.

Marianne is influenced by designers M. Elle Design and Steven Gambrel. She loves the architecture of McAlpine Tankersly and Gil Shafer.

Marianne has been a part of or has overseen all projects at W Design Collective