Brecia Alston | Marketing Manager

For as long as she can remember, art and design have been a central part of Brecia’s life. Growing up with a photographer for a father and a ballet teacher for a mother, her earliest memories of her home are filled with creativity. She says, “design has always been a source of comfort and continuity in my life.” Brecia surrounds herself with creative influences that enrich her life and inspire her. “I'm most inspired by art that imitates or represents nature and human interactions,” she says. After studying Graphic Design in college, Brecia found her second love of Interior Design before moving to San Francisco, which she now calls home. Brecia’s talents lie in all things marketing and content creating, skills she developed while working for two years on a marketing team. She loves poetry, walking the streets of her beautiful city, and eating pizza with her husband while the cable cars rumble by.

Brecia is inspired by Scandinavian design, natural elements, clean lines, the people of San Francisco, the desert, and the west coast