Judith W Design Collective


After 10 years of being a stay-at-home mom, Judith wanted to return to work doing something that showcased her talents but also fit around her busy schedule as a mother. Having worked in the fields of law and home insurance, she joined Marianne’s business and contributed immediately to the success of W Design Collective. Judith is the reason for the Collective’s seamless organization and proficiency. Having a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Judith’s skills lie in spreadsheets, organization, and financial reports. These skills perfectly complement Marianne’s creativity and vision for the Collective. Judith’s organized and clear approach to client assistance makes her the go-to person for all billing questions. She also specializes in finances, invoicing, and accounting for W. Design Collective.

Judith loves to bake and take cooking classes with her two young girls. She has been in a gourmet cooking club with friends for the past 11 years where they have experimented with all sorts of cooking themes. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, tennis, watching soccer, entertaining, and, of course, cooking.