Even though Georgia often spent her time drawing floor plans and rooms for fun when she was growing up, she didn’t realize she would end up doing it as a career. After spending her early years of college studying Business, she quickly recognized her passion for Interior Design and changed the direction she wanted to take. Georgia graduated from LDS Business College with a degree in Interior Design and has been working for W Design Collective ever since. Georgia is detail-oriented and has a natural sense of style. She loves taking various aspects of art, culture, and history and incorporating them into her designs. Her organization and attention to detail are evident in her work, allowing her to understand the big picture while successfully pulling off the intricate details. In her spare time, you can find her curled up reading a book or cooking for her closest friends and family. Using fresh ingredients and local produce, her homemade pasta is an absolute masterpiece.

Georgia has found that the best inspiration comes from real life through traveling and new experiences.

Georgia’s Projects include Dallas, Spring Road, Orchard Hollow, Dutch Fields

Georgia W Design Collective