Owner and Principal Designer

When Marianne remodeled her home back in 2010, she found her passion. “This career found me,” she says. She loved everything about it, from planning spaces to sourcing the right materials and furnishing the home, Marianne enjoyed every aspect of the process. Soon, others recognized her talent and started to request her help with their own homes. It didn’t take long before she realized she loved the challenge of understanding what her clients really want and achieving that in the best way possible. Marianne believes that everyone she works with feels like their home reflects themselves, not a brand or just the designer’s point of view. She says “it’s all about the balance, and I think we do that really well.”  

Marianne has honed her skills as a designer and surrounded herself with talented and inspiring people. She cherishes the influences of designers who seamlessly blend and balance the old with the new like her Grandma Marriott, who was the first person to inspire her. She says, “I loved going to her home. It had a different feel than any homes I was used to seeing—so classy and layered with history.” In addition to her grandmother, Marianne looks to other designers for inspiration. Darryl Carter’s designs were her first love . The way he balances modern furnishings with antique pieces really speaks to her. In her daily life, Marianne finds inspiration in the people with whom she works and in the family that supports her.

Marianne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and has previously worked for a lobbyist, as an Account Manager at an advertising agency, and then as a stay-at-home mother. Despite her unusual path into interior design, all of these experiences have contributed into making her a well-rounded designer and business-owner.

Marianne is influenced by designers M. Elle Design and Steven Gambrel. She loves the architecture of McAlpine Tankersly and Gil Shafer.

Sr. Designer

Tonya has always appreciated beautiful spaces. Inspired at a young age by the way her grandmother's home always felt so peaceful and full of happiness, she felt pulled toward a world of creativity. Unsure of what her career would look like, she decided to attend the University of Utah where she received a Bachelor's degree in Marketing. After starting a family at a young age, she began to explore her design skills on her starter home and soon knew she needed to pursue her dream of designing interiors. She began her own professional journey with a company online and started off by doing small furnishing jobs that grew into larger-scale residential and commercial projects. Tonya and Marianne met in 2016 and immediately hit it off. They began working together soon after. Tonya says, “it has been an amazing experience getting to do what I love every day and learning and growing constantly.” Together, Marianne and Tonya have worked on some incredible projects.

Tonya finds that the key to being a good designer is being able to really envision the project as a whole, to see the smallest of details and how they will fit together in a way that reflects the owner. Tonya loves finding the beauty in everyday life; from the buildings that surround her to the colors of flowers. Her life is full of joy.

Tonya is inspired by her own team of designers along with Marie Flanigan, Kaemingk Design and the architectural influence of Ryan Street and Associates

Sr. Designer

Having grown up in a military family, what primarily drew Katie to a career in design was her deep appreciation for home. She has lived in a lot of homes and considers herself a bit of an expert homebody. Her diverse experience living in different regions of the USA as well as overseas has informed her preference for an eclectic mix of styles. Her formal education was in Psychology, and she loves stretching that muscle to design spaces that reflect the soul of a home and its inhabitants. Prior to joining W Design Collective, Katie was operating her own business as an independent designer working primarily with residential clients, though she dipped her toes into commercial design with the renovation of a historic building into a preschool.

Katie has mostly only strengths, but NBC comedies are her weakness. She also loves the sunshine and the snow (from indoors, by a window) and has dedicated theme songs she listens to for each. Her camera roll primarily consists of photos of clouds and her dog. Katie is resourceful and thoughtful in her work, brings a tailored aesthetic to each project, and emphasizes design that endures. She loves the craftsmanship and integrity of historic homes and relishes the opportunity to create new homes that will grow up to be historic one day.

Katie is inspired by modernist design, quirky toile, places with great sunlight, and never met a stripe she didn’t like. Some of her favorite designers to look to for inspiration include Jersey Ice Cream Co., Jessica Helgerson, Gil Schafer, Steven Gambrel, Heidi Caillier, deVOL, M. Elle Design, and Lauren Liess.

Jr. Designer

Even though Georgia often spent her time drawing floor plans and rooms for fun when she was growing up, she didn’t realize she would end up doing it as a career. After spending her early years of college studying Business, she quickly recognized her passion for Interior Design and changed the direction she wanted to take. Georgia graduated from LDS Business College with a degree in Interior Design and has been working for W Design Collective ever since. Georgia is detail-oriented and has a natural sense of style. She loves taking various aspects of art, culture, and history and incorporating them into her designs. Her organization and attention to detail are evident in her work, allowing her to understand the big picture while successfully pulling off the intricate details. In her spare time, you can find her curled up reading a book or cooking for her closest friends and family. Using fresh ingredients and local produce, her homemade pasta is an absolute masterpiece.

Georgia has found that the best inspiration comes from real life through traveling and new experiences.

Jr. Designer

Kara’s love for beautiful spaces set her on the path of working in Interior Design. Once her husband—who is a builder—decided to start his own company, Kara began working with him to transform basic houses into something special. The combination of Kara’s eye for design and her husband’s building skills make them the perfect match. Kara and her husband work hard on creating thought-out floor plans, finishes, and furniture. The power couple has been remodeling houses for the last eight years, designing for the last two years, and now, Kara is a member of W Design Collective. She has a Fine Arts degree in Oil Painting from the Academy of Art from which she frequently draws from for her design inspiration. She has lived all over the United States and has traveled extensively, all the while collecting inspiration for her work. All the homes she has lived in—from homes in California, the East coast and the South—influence the design she creates today. Kara loves to spend her time outdoors, traveling, painting, or being with her closest friends and family.

Kara is inspired by Artists, Architecture, Historic Homes, and the design she has seen while traveling to Denmark and Iceland.

Office Manager

After 10 years of being a stay-at-home mom, Judith wanted to return to work doing something that showcased her talents but also fit around her busy schedule as a mother. Having worked in the fields of law and home insurance, she joined Marianne’s business and contributed immediately to the success of W Design Collective. Judith is the reason for the Collective’s seamless organization and proficiency. Having a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Judith’s skills lie in spreadsheets, organization, and financial reports. These skills perfectly complement Marianne’s creativity and vision for the Collective. Judith’s organized and clear approach to client assistance makes her the go-to person for all billing questions. She also specializes in finances, invoicing, and accounting for W. Design Collective.

Judith loves to bake and take cooking classes with her two young girls. She has been in a gourmet cooking club with friends for the past 11 years where they have experimented with all sorts of cooking themes. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, tennis, watching soccer, entertaining, and, of course, cooking.

Ordering Specialist

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Heather has always had a love for design. Her appreciation for organic materials, hand crafted pieces, and rich-colored textiles have had profound influence on her design style. Her affinity for shopping has proven to be a valuable asset in her work as ordering specialist for W Design Collective. In that role, she finds it incredibly fun to find new brands and design lines, and she relishes working with an awesome group of women. In Heather’s spare time, she loves gardening, traveling, mountain biking, and practicing yoga. She also taught herself how to make handmade leather bags while attending Brigham Young University, where she earned a degree in Anthropology.

Heather is inspired by designers Amber Interiors, Jon Robshaw, and W Design Collective

Creative Media Specialist

For as long as she can remember, art and design have been a central part of Brecia’s life. Growing up with a photographer for a father and a ballet teacher for a mother, her earliest memories of her home are filled with creativity. She says, “design has always been a source of comfort and continuity in my life.” Brecia surrounds herself with creative influences that enrich her life and inspire her. “I'm most inspired by art that imitates or represents nature and human interactions,” she says. After studying Graphic Design in college, Brecia found her second love of Interior Design before moving to San Francisco, which she now calls home. Brecia’s talents lie in all things marketing and content creating, skills she developed while working for two years on a marketing team. She loves poetry, walking the streets of her beautiful city, and eating pizza with her husband while the cable cars rumble by.

Brecia is inspired by Scandinavian design, natural elements, clean lines, the people of San Francisco, the desert, and the west coast