C O U N T R Y - C L U B

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah

Marianne Brown and Caitlin Creer, and Maddie Waltman
from Caitlin Creer Interiors

Northstar Builders

Sugarhouse Architects

New Construction - 6 Bedrooms, 7 Bathrooms, Theater Room, Basement Kitchenette, Office Suite. Completed in 2016

This was a unique project brought to us by a local builder, Northstar Builders, who asked us and another designer (and good friend) Caitlin Creer to design a California-inspired contemporary home for them to sell on the market when it was finished (also know as a spec home). With no homeowner in mind, the builder as a client, and two designers from separate design firms working together, this project was an exercise in team work, communication, and collaboration. Since the builder did not request us to stage the home with furniture, photos from this project show the home unfurnished.

Country Club Exterior
Kitchen Country Club
Designers Marianne Brown and Tonya Bush Country Club
Bathroom sink Details Country Club
Office Entry Design Country Club
Shelving Details Country Club
Bathroom Entry Country Club
Kitchen Stove Details Country Club
Bathroom Tub Country Club
Bathroom Details Country Club
Bathroom Sink Country Club
Bathroom Country Club
Photo Oct 21-17.jpeg
Open Shelves Kitchen Country Club
Bathroom Country Club 2
Bathroom Country Club 2 Details