T H O R N E L L - D E N T I S T R Y

T H O R N E L L - D E N T I S T R Y

Thornell Dentistry is the third dental office that we have designed. We love commercial work, especially dental offices. This one, in particular, was great from a design standpoint as the client was willing to take some risks and infuse a lot of style into their office. Dentist offices and commercial spaces have some special requirements, and we are becoming more well-versed in these requirements. We loved the process of learning and navigating through them all.

Almost all of the finishes in this office are custom. The trim, brass desk, steel doors; even the art was specially-sourced to be photos of places our client has been.
— Marianne Brown

When we first introduced the concept of the solid brass reception desk, we were expecting a little bit of kick back... instead, the clients immediately jumped on board.  It is definitely a statement maker and we love it!

W A I T I N G - A R E A

W A I T I N G - A R E A

The theme of classic colors like black and white with brass accents will last this dental office for years and will be easily updated as time goes on. This is nothing like the dental office of your childhood!
— Marianne Brown

The waiting room furniture is from Restoration Hardware’s contract line. We had it upholstered in a greige leather for durability. The sofa is from Article. Our client wanted some bright colors mixed into the design, and we thought a statement sofa would be the perfect way to add that.

I love getting to work in commercial spaces because you can usually be more edgy or creative than you could be with a residential project. The Thornell project was a lot of fun. The client really knew what they wanted aesthetically and really allowed us to get creative with it. It is always exciting when you get a client that pushes you to think outside of the box and then trusts you enough to allow you to do it.
— Tonya Bush

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Located in Riverton, Utah

Marianne Brown and Tonya Bush

DDS Builders

Samuel J. Brady

New Construction - 2000 s.f., 6 Operatories, Reception, Kids Area, Staff Kitchen

Photography by Kyle Aiken

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