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designing a home to sell

See the spec home we designed in tandem with Caitlin Creer Interiors and Northstar Builders…

This project was a fun and unique opportunity presented to us by a local builder, Northstar Builders, who asked W Design Collective and another designer (and good friend) Caitlin Creer to design a home for them to sell on the market when it was finished (also know as a spec home). With no homeowner in mind, the builder as a client, and two designers from separate design firms working together, this project was an exercise in team work, communication, and collaboration. And as with all unique challenges, unique opportunities and creative designs emerged making this one of the most memorable projects in W Design's history. Since the builder did not request us to stage the home with furniture, photos from this project show the home unfurnished.


Working without homeowners is always a challenge. Without knowing the needs of who will be living in the home, we tried to appeal to many scenarios but didn’t want to be so generic that it didn’t feel custom.

The builder wanted a “California modern” design, which meant to them a more traditional take on modern so we designed elements like a concrete fireplace and iron window partitions, but mixed it with more traditional cabinetry and hardware.

We can’t talk about the details without mentioning the steel window dividers in the dining room. When the house was framed and we stood in the entry we felt like it felt a little too open between the dining room and entry. I like to define rooms, even if it is just with differing paint colors or a change in the flooring. I had been seeing the steel interior windows in a lot of inspiration photos from modern European spaces and thought it would be the perfect treatment for that space. Northstar Builders had a really talented ironworker who made the partitions. We couldn’t have been happier with how those turned out.


This project was more nerve-wracking than most because we knew the builder needed to sell the home for a certain amount and that would be dependent on both how well the home was built, but also our design and making sure we stayed in a good budget. About two-thirds of the way through the project the home went under contract. To sell the home before completion was a big compliment to both the builder and to us. When the builder achieved their financial goal in selling the home we definitely felt the sense of relief and accomplishment.

The lanterns in the kitchen were definitely a statement piece and were a little bit of a splurge but I always feel like the kitchen lighting is the best place to spend the money, and it paid off!



Photo Oct 21, 2 08 05 AM.jpg

The custom walnut and brass vanity in the master bath will forever be one of my favorite designs. The mixture of the classic, rich materials of brass and walnut complimented each other so well and Peterson Woodworks executed our designs beautifully.




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